Through our business model, we strive to support local businesses and artists through creative partnerships with the common goal of introducing our guests to experiences that promote physical, mental, and emotional well being. While there are many facets to the vision driving what Flower Den Retreats will bloom into, there is a core value behind it all. Our belief that our life's purpose is to rediscover our purest, most authentic self, and to exercise the courage required to express it into being, having a positive impact on the lives of others. With our experience, to balance the practice of learning through meditation, integration, and creation, is to create the space and harmony necessary to identify and pursue our highest callings. Only then are we truly free to consciously walk our path without deviating to meet what we perceive to be the desires and expectations of others.

Our Approach


To achieve this harmony, we explore a wide range of modalities and work to create a space that makes possible a "choose your own adventure" style experience for our guests. While there is bound to be an abundance of overlap, we'll start by organizing our offerings into three pillars: Meditation, Integration, and Creation. Check out our "Experiences" page and contact us to start planning your personal or group retreat today!

Our Story

Flower Den Philosophy

Flower Den Retreats is the vehicle that will give us the necessary freedom to pursue our highest callings in life. The curriculum & services we offer combined with the unique atmosphere we provide is designed to meet others wherever they are on their journey & to walk with them a bit as they navigate through their own transformation & discover the path towards their highest callings in life. Our goal is to design our lives to be flexible and sustainable while being full of abundance and joy.

We achieve this by designing our spaces with the intention to attract like-minded hosts that will attract like-minded guests seeking a unique, comfortable and safe place to relax, reflect, create, heal and grow in solitude or in community with other guests or team members.

Our book, video, music & game libraries are focused on promoting physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health & wellbeing. We offer support, acceptance & understanding in an environment that exists nowhere else on earth.

We believe that the act of creating is therapeutic and a critical component to achieving balance through everyone's unique journey in life. Our spaces are designed to help elevate you to the next creative, personal, and spiritual level.

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