Meet the Tribe

A collective committed to healing, growth and living choice by choice for the highest and greatest good of all. By identifying and vulnerably sharing our highest calling with one another, we can offer support where it will be most effective. We focus all our love and energy into building beautiful and comfortable spaces with unique offerings you won't find anywhere else. Whether you visit one of our locations for a short term vacation rental, wellness retreat with one of our affiliate hosts, an artist experiences, or become part of our residency program, we are grateful for the opportunity to connect and hold space with you!

Daniel Mallett

Founder & CEO

Our visionary who finds his purpose in identifying and shining light on the gifts of others. On Instagram you can follow @dj_mallett to see his personal interests, drone, and travel photography or @highestcalling to follow his personal journey of transformation along with the inspirational stories of those he meets along the path.

Angie Weeks


Our property scout, closet artist, and soul-forward yogi. Follow @angieweeks1 on Instagram to see Angie's jewelry, property listings, and scenic views. Her greatest passion is providing resources and support for those interested in the many benefits of homeownership through her crowdfunding platform Vow2Save