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Finding Happiness?!? Through Emptiness?!

Sensory deprivation shows improvement for common health issues

We’re into the thick of The Float Conference in Denver, CO this weekend and noticing a consistent commonality from the speakers and presenters that’s totally worth sharing! Sensory deprivation, otherwise known as ‘floating’, has a positive correlation to health AND happiness 🙂

Case studies on active military, anxious executives, and people in pain are all coming back with positive results in the following areas and more:

DepressionLIBR conducted a study that proved floating activates the Nucleus Accumbens area of the brain, which helps with anhedonia, and getting excited about things again.

Anxiety – Statistics show that anxiety is significantly decreased after just ONE float session, and with every float thereafter anxiety continues to decrease. We can confirm this from personal experience! If you’re anxious and your heart won’t stop thumping.. it’s a great idea to get into the tank, it will help you stay calm well past your float session. Below is a graph from a recent study of active military:

InsomniaDr. Jerry Walker conducted a study that showed floating helped with sleeplessness. Lack of sleep is the culprit for plenty of mental, physical, and emotional issues, so it’s nice to know that floating not only helps rest & relaxation IN the tank…. but overall sleep when we’re working the daily grind.

Pain – many people have chronic, temporary, or repetitive pain they’re dealing with in some form or another. The magnesium in sensory deprivation tanks is known to help with inflammation and joint pain. Less pain = more smiles 🙂 In Dr Walker’s study, pain decreased 66% after just one sensory deprivation session; check out the comments next to the graph:

Relationships – Once the depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain have decreased, people seem to get their lives back – leading to happier relationships 🙂 Brain activity is heightened. Couples stop arguing, military stop bar fighting, & anorexics have a better body image. Totally fascinating!

In Australia, many disabled patients who are *sick* of medications are now receiving floating as an alternative option through the health care system. Hopefully this will come to the states soon enough. Did you know that 1 in 8 Americans are taking a Benzo prescription….and they are physiologically addictive regardless if taken correctly or not?!? When reviewing the data that shows WHY people take Benzos; all of the reasons are things that floating also solves. If you know someone who has to take pills for pain or sleeping, please introduce them to floating! It could mean a better quality of life for them.

As the day carried on, more and more stats poured in on how floating also supports brain health, internal equilibrium, a better body image (literally helps anorexia), and other major issues. Kinda reminds us of CBD….if you have 99 problems… floating could quite possibly solve 76 of them. We would love to hear what floating has done for you, comment below!

If you’re in SoCal & you’d like to try sensory deprivation, check out The Float Lounge in Laguna Beach. They’re our favorites, and Dan covers shifts on occasion. He will be there Oct 2nd – 9th 2019 if you’d like to book a float and say ‘Hi’!