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Therapeutic Art Classes online

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Therapeutic Art classes

Therapeutic Art is now happening at Flower Den Retreats!

Stressed much?!?? Art has been know for centuries to ease anxiety & calm the mind. Various forms of art can help you better cope with trauma, loss, and transition.

Due to my own recent & past traumas, I decided to dig into the concept of 'art for therapy' deeper, and study for a Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification. We are already hearing some comments about limiting beliefs, past hurts, and addictions naturally come out in our traditional art classes. Unfortunately, we're not claiming to be therapists or solve all your problems...but the good news is we can help you along your journey a little more now 🙂

Art helps reset your perspective and soothe your soul. Come take a "Mental Health" moment with us, even if it's only virtually!

Flower Den can offer offer the following customization to any of our existing class offerings, or we can create a customized therapeutic art class or workshop JUST FOR YOUR GROUP --- there's a form below to get started.

Therapeutic Art Classes & Add-ons

  • Affirmation artwork

  • Challenging & Changing your limiting beliefs
  • Mindful Mandalas
  • Phoenix rising poster
  • Reframing your thoughts to revitalize your life
  • Life event paintings, drawings, or mixed-media pieces
  • Self realization mosaic

Color, design, & sacred geometry all play interesting parts in our brain and thought processes, and we love to explore that here at Flower Den Studios. Our mind and a proper mindset is critical to our overall health, wellness, and contribution to the world.

We've been hosting some really great creation sessions on Zoom lately, a recent painting session received these unprompted text messages from the attendees the next morning:

"I feel so much calmer"

"Attitude adjustment<3"

"I didn't realize how much I needed that last night. It seriously refocused my energy."

"OMG me too! I was really struggling & it did something for my energy too! Can't thank you guys enough"

And this wasn't even an 'official' therapeutic course, just natural benefits already coming out of tapping into your creativity. Most online classes last 1-3 hours, and you'll be interacting while learning and connecting on Zoom. Generally speaking, pricing runs as follows:

  • 1 hour therapeutic art lesson: $49/person
  • 2 hour therapeutic art lesson: $99/person
  • 3 hour therapeutic art lesson: $133/person
  • Session recordings available: $25/session

Therapeutic art can be fabulous for blended & extended families, small groups, companies or teams in transition, bands or musical groups, competitive teams; or individuals experiencing trauma, depression, high-stress, or anxiety.

De-stressing with regular art classes can help us run at optimum performance - just fill out the form below & we'll be in contact to help you determine which type of therapeutic art is best for you & your group 🙂


Flower Den Mission Viejo

Host a Paint Party at our Mission Viejo Artist Retreat

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Flower Den Mission Viejo outdoor space

Have you been wanting to host a paint party but don’t have a big enough space? Look no further - we can fit up to 10 of your friends in our resort style backyard for a lovely paint experience on any occasion. Our quiet Mission Viejo street has plenty of room for parking and offers a more private experience than public paint nights.

Choose Your Own Paint Night Painting

The standard companies are...basic & standard. We know as an artist you want to paint outside the box! Just send us a photo of your desired painting and we can match you with an artist to teach your session.

Paint parties all come with the following:

  • pre-written email invite you can copy / paste
  • pre-made graphic invite you can post to Instagram & Facebook
  • easels
  • map & directions link you can send to friends who get lost

Pitch Your Fine Arts Painting Talent

If you’re just starting out as an artist or would like a big boost online we are happy to let you teach your own session, and give you a TON of social media love to help you connect for more awareness, friends, followers, and art buyers. We want to see local artists succeed. This option offers add ons like a blog post featuring your session, a time lapse video you can share on social media, and even a supporting artist if you would like more helping hands.

Get a Quote for Your Own Paint Party

Simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss your customized paint night!